CMSC 23230/CMSC 33230: Engineering Interactive Electronics onto Printed Circuit Boards

Schedule (Syllabus)

(slides available here)
22nd March, Fri 1.30PM, Lecture 1 Making your first PCB (introduction to PCB routing, multi-layers)
Lab 1 Lab work: review your schematic + KICAD tips & tricks
29th March, Fri 1.30PM, Lecture 2 Ordering our 1st PCB in the manufacturer + machining techniques & GERBER files & more
Lab 2 Update & review on our PCBs
April 5th, Fri 1.30PM, Lecture 3 Setting up a 8-bit microcontroller on your PCB (crystals, decouplers, datasheets)
Lab 3 Review of soldering (our boards might be arriving anytime now!)
April 12th, Fri 1.30PM, Lecture 4 From 8 to 32 bits
Lab 4 Reviewing PCBs today (critical session)
April 19th, Fri 1.30PM, Lecture 5 Protocols: I2C, SPI, UART, USB
Lab 5 Final review of your PCBs (schematic mandatory, PCB recommended, otherwise it will go without review to factory)
April 26th, Fri 1.30PM, Lecture 6 Order final project PCBs in class (add to cart in realtime)
Lab 6 Circuit scavenger part I (hands-on tutorial)
May 3rd, Lecture 7 Circuit scavenger part II (continued)
Lab 7 Learning how to setup your environment for bootloaders & programming your board
May 10th, Fri 1.30PM, Lecture 8 Soldering + debugging helpdesk.
May 17th, Fri 1.30PM, Lecture 9 Final presentations: demo your final PCB & present its design to the class